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Upturning a downturned mouth

What is upturning a downturned mouth?

Also known as the oral commissures, the effects of gravity and ageing can give the corners of your mouth a downturned, drooping appearance, making you look sad, angry or disgusted - even when you're not! Filler helps to upturn your smile, leaving you looking happier instead.
Doctor Alex performs this dermal filler treatment in both his Manchester City Centre and Sheffield clinics.

How does dermal filler (Juvederm) help?

If the corners of your mouth turn down or droop, fillers can help add to support and structure to uplift the mouth and restore your smile back to its natural position. Think of it as the filler acting as invisible scaffolding supporting and lifting the corners of your mouth!
This dermal filler treatment can also be used in combination with Botox injections to help lift the corners of your mouth, as the Botox aims to reduce the power of the muscles that pull the corners of your mouth down.

When will I see the effects?

Rejuvenation results from dermal filler to upturn a downturned smile/mouth are seen instantly! There may be a slightly "fuller" appearance immediately after injection of the filler due to natural swelling, which resolves after a few days.

How long does the downturned mouth filler treatment last for?

Filler in the oral commissures region can last 6 to 18 months. The dermal filler Doctor Alex uses (Juvederm) is a non-permanent treatment, and can also be reversed/dissolved if needed.

Is it painful?

No. You may feel a pinprick sensation as the skin near your mouth and chin is injected. Doctor Alex can apply special numbing cream beforehand if you are worried about this. An advanced micro-cannula technique can also be used to help minimise any discomfort.

How long is recovery time?

More or less immediate recovery — it can be performed in your lunch break! As a needle is used to inject dermal filler to upturn your mouth, there is a chance you may get a small amount of bleeding/bruising, which usually resolves after a few days. Doctor Alex can also use special micro-cannulas to inject the filler, which can also reduce the risk of bruising.

Where are your cosmetic clinics?

Doctor Alex has anti-ageing non-surgical cosmetic clinics in both Manchester City Centre and Sheffield. Visit the Locations page for more details.

How much does upturning a drooping mouth cost?

Prices start from £0 (special offer, reduced from £195). Every downturned smile treatment is tailored towards your unique face, therefore exact pricing will be discussed at the consultation after a full assessment. Please see the price list for full list of treatments.