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EMSCULPT - build muscle, lose fat

  • face Treatment area: Stomach, abs, bum, triceps, biceps, thighs, calves
  • update Results last: Fat dissolving is permanent!
  • colorize Product used: EMSCULPT by BTL
  • help Technique: Non-invasive HIFEM (burns fat & builds muscle)
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EMSCULPT is a totally non-invasive, needle-free procedure to help both women and men build muscle, tone-up, and permanently burn fat. EMSCULPT can also perform non-invasive buttock lifting procedure — think "Brazilian Bum Lift" except safe, with no needles or fillers!

EMSCULPT is excellent for those wishing to improve tone and shapes of areas such as the abdomen (abs), arms (biceps and triceps), thighs and calves, as well as the buttocks.

Doctor Alex is offering EMSCULPT in the Wilmslow Cheshire and Manchester areas — get in contact for more information!